Empower Your Site with Smart Conversations

ChatSocket for DocsBot AI offers a direct, secure connection to the DocsBot AI service from your WordPress site. With this premium plugin, you can bring the power of intelligent chat to your online visitors, providing them with immediate, richly interactive dialogue.
1) Signup to DocsBot AI 2) Create your Bot 3) Add your sources 4) Signup to ChatSocket and embed your Bot on your site!
  • Effortless Auto Setup
Gain instant access to your Team and Bot ID from DocsBot AI. Simply input your API key and let ChatSocket handle the technicalities, allowing you to focus on what you do best
  • Fast Secure Connectivity
Secure WebSocket connection for real-time, high-speed chat. Experience streaming dialogue on your site, ensuring every interaction is as immediate as it is secure
  • Colour Picker
Align the chat interface with your brand identity at the click of a button. Select your brand colour, and ChatSocket will update the chat interface to match your site perfectly
  • Predefined Questions
Streamline your users' experience by offering up to four quick-access questions. These serve as prompts, helping users find the information they need without delay
  • Rich Responses
Present DocBot AI's replies with added depth, featuring inline images and clickable links that enliven interactions and provide comprehensive answers
  • Exclude Sources
You decide if you want to show or hide the source attribution links in DocsBot AI's responses. This flexibility ensures your chat aligns with your content strategy
  • Support Link Integration
Incorporate a discreet support link beneath each answer, connecting users to additional resources on your site and tracking these interactions for insightful analytics
  • Engage and Evaluate: Ratings
Empower users to rate the helpfulness of responses, sending their feedback directly to your DocsBot AI account, offering valuable insights into their experience

Frequently Asked Questions


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